Specials for September 2019

Check out our specials for the month and get the most for your money

Reiki Sessions


*$65 Savings!!!!!

*Must be purchased between Sept 3 - Sept 14

3 Reiki Gift Certificates

Can be scheduled whenever or used as gifts :)

Reiki is a form of energy healing which works to help heal our emotions, empower our spirit and ultimately aid in healing of the physical body. All 3 must be balanced to sustain wellness - stress is a factor of emotion, and stress causes 

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Mindfulness Package


$125 Savings!!!!!

Mindfulness is about finding your truth, owning your life and taking charge - shedding light on your path!!

8 Private Meditation/Mindfulness Sessions

Can be scheduled whenever you need.

When you are unsure of what defines you, need help determining who you truly are or need some light shed on your path to guide your way - we are here! Holistic Life Coaching - find your truth - live your truth - own your life!

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Holistic Nutrition - Meal Plan


Must be purchased between Sept 3 - Sept 30

You are what you eat - so learn to eat well!!!

A full month of supper meal planning

Includes recipes & shopping lists

A custom supper meal plan designed by our very talented, certified and experienced Holistic Nutrition Expert. Evenings will be a whole lot easier & healthier with your custom plan - not to mention tastier...mmmmmmmmm!!! 

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Holistic Nutrition Package Deal


15% Off!!! Amazing Savings!!!!!

You are what you eat - so learn to eat well!!!

Holistic Nutrition Coaching - Eating for a healthy has never been easier than now

Includes full consultation (90 min) plus one follow up (60 min)

Book in for your initial consult and discuss your needs, your health concerns and what your goals are. Our talented, certified and passionate Holistic Nutrition Coach will guide and teach you how to reach your goals properly, safely and with greatest potential for success. She has first hand used these skills to move from chronic illness to health and happiness and is looking forward to helping you!

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Monthly Membership - 3 Month Package


$150 Savings

Yoga, Meditation & Your Choice of 1 Reflexology/ Reiki/Hot Stone w Michelle

25 Minute Kundalini Yoga every day Mon - Fri at 9 am

20 Minute Meditation every day Mon - Fri 9:30 am

This membership allows you access to all classes 5 days a week plus your choice of one service per month booked with Michelle. Services include Reiki, Reflexology and Holistic Hot Stone Teaser. Regular Price is $150 monthly

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