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Who We Are

At Relax, we believe that wellness is a personal journey where as each persons path may differ significantly. What works for one person may not work for another. As such, we strive to include a well balanced approach including multiple modalities and often incorporate a variation of such in each of our clients treatment plans. This is why we incorporate both Eastern and Western approaches to our sessions allowing the best of both worlds for an integrated and complimentary  approach to wellness. 

What We Do - Services

We offer a wide variety of services including Reflexology, Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation Massage, Guided Meditation, and Pranic Healing. We also like to incorporate some feel good beauty techniques therefor also offer Eyelash Extensions.  

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Wellness Products

We carry a wide variety of topical balms and rubs for inflammation. Teas for digestive health, dietary supplements to promote wellness, essential oils and so much more! All natural, quality tested and perfected just for you. 

Beauty Products

Biologist designed and quality controlled for only the best in natural beauty enhancement. With age defying serums, face and neck serums, rejuvenating sprays, body butters, soaps, bath salts, jewelry and much much more we can help your beauty shine through it all with ease! 

Home Scents

Sometimes its our space that requires a pick me up. We have you covered with smudge sticks, incense and diffusers to cleanse and clear your space with ease. Remove all the bad energies and infuse only the good. All ethically sourced, grown and collected to ensure only the best results.

Essential Oils

We carry a wide variety of Essential Oils w​hich are pure 100% therapeutic grade and all natural. Ethically sourced and made right here in Canada. Whether you are looking for therapeutic, home scents or to add to your yoga routine we have just the scent for you.

For Pets

We all love our pets, so why not take care of their pain naturally with NatureMary Pet products. Treat your pets arthritis, or aches and pains safely and naturally, from small to large dogs and cats. You can help relieve their pain simply and effectively with NatureMary. 

Crystals &  Gems

All our crystals have been ethically sourced and will come recently charged with a small notation describing its properties. Please note all pieces are unique therefor may not be exactly as pictured below. Promote calmness, attract success, induce relaxation and so much more.

Featured Product

Treat Yourself to Something Truly Wonderful

This face and neck serum is an amazing blend of natural ingredients, that will help balance your skin (balance oil producing glands in the skin), reduce redness, dryness, and calm acne. Designed for all skin types and created wit​h the most sensitive of skin types in mind, your skin can now feel the healing benefits of hemp seed and organic hemp isolate.

Skin care doesn't have to be complicated, sometimes all you need is just a few simple ingredients in the right balance. The active botanical properties will hydrate and support the skin's natural healing properties.


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