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Relax - High River's Holistic Health Spa

At Relax we believe that health and beauty truly go together in perfect harmony. And in order to look and feel our greatest, it starts with Relaxation and Healing of the Body, Mind and Soul. When we operating are at our best we will shine upon the world!!!

Practitioners and Specialists

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Michelle Primeau

Michelle is well versed as a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Pranic Healer, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, Aromatherapist, Life Coach, and Holistic Hot Stone Practitioner.  She is a natural born healer whom has an amazing track record for helping others self heal. 

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Donna Spanke

Donna brings many years experience in Reflexology and Reiki Level 1 & 2 to the team. She is a well rounded natural whom is very in tune with healing and will certainly get you on the right foot moving forward ;)

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Relax  ...YOU deserve some YOU TIME!

Whether you are looking for symptom relief from aches/pains, cancer, IBS, arthritis, diabetes, sleep deprivation or other - we can help!

If you feel like you need direction, clearer mind or ability to see your path - we can help! Or perhaps you just want to wake up looking fabulous - we can help! 

609 1A Centre Street
High River, Alberta
(403) 519-6196